Our drinking water solution

Supports 1,000 people daily

Clean drinking water is accessed at the AquaTower through nine faucets positioned around the tower. Water flow is regulated via gravity pressure from the system’s elevated source water holding tank that forces water through the ultra-filtration filter system. Messages and images that reinforce our Water-health & Hygiene Education programs appear above the water faucets.


Reducing sickness through hand washing

The AquaTower is also used for hand washing. Mounted around the AquaTower are soap dishes where children can wash their hands after using the latrine, playing and before eating. Handwash education and behavior helps to keep children healthy and increases school attendance.

Read the Planet Water Foundation Impact Evaluation Report.


Installed and producing water in just one day

Planet Water Foundation AquaTowers are assembled by Planet Water Foundation employees and volunteers in one day. Funding and assembly of the AquaTowers is an excellent corporate social responsibility (CSR) and team-building initiative where employees and stakeholders have the opportunity for improving the lives of children in disadvantaged communities.

Providing daily drinking water for 1,000 people.

Our AquaTowers are capable of producing 10,000 liters per day - enough clean, safe drinking water to sustain the population of a community and surrounding constituents of up to 1,000 people. Water quality meets WHO standards.




Contaminated Water Source


Systems Operations Training

Training conducted with school custodians and community members who are responsible for on-going system operations and maintenance.

Training Conducted on:

  1. System configuration and operation
  2. Filter daily cleaning procedure
  3. Filter weekly cleaning procedure
  4. Routine system maintenance


Creating change in the community through Planet Water Foundation is more than just clean, safe water - it means delivering a long-term sustainable solution.

  1. Clean water system supported for five years - technical, spare parts, etc.
  2. Longitudinal measurement of system performance and targeted behavioral change on water-health & hygiene by:
  • Pre-defined metrics
  • Conducting pre-project and routine post-project assessments
  • Monitoring program facilitated by Planet Water in-country Sustainability Manager and NGO deployment partners
  • Community involvement in sustainability measures via Village Water Committees and local governments

    A monthly recurring donation is your commitment to support Planet Water Foundation 365 days a year to help provide clean, safe water.


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    Make a donation and become a part of our movement to end water poverty and the needless cycle of generational hopelessness.


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Planet Water Foundation is a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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